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“Judith is an open, calm and no-nonsense coach. You immediately feel at ease with her and she guides you through the session in a very pleasant and down-to-earth manner. "
“The NEI sessions with Judith helped me to let go of the fear I had. I always knew I didn't need the fear. With the NEI session I was able to really let go."
I came to Judith through a referral from my physio. At first I was a little afraid of what exactly it would entail, but she managed to remove all fears during the intake and I immediately made an appointment with her. The hypnosis was very relaxing. In a casual way she knows how to keep you relaxed and focused. It has helped me beyond expectations and I am very happy that I dared to take the step. I would advise anyone who has doubts to schedule an intake and experience for themselves what a skilled, loving and wonderful woman Judith is."
“Judith's hypnosis session helped me to come to terms with a theme and, as a bonus, resolved a chronic abdominal pain complaint. It's special to see that this can be done in such a short time!"
“I, an HSP with chronic anxiety disorder and panic attacks, came to Judith after listening to one of her podcasts. The introductory meeting was very open and relaxed. It is very easy to talk to Judith. She indicated, "Gosh, if you need time to think about whether you want to take on the process, that's fine." No pressure after or during the conversation. But I immediately knew that I wanted to start the process with Judith. The hypnosis session is truly an experience, beautiful and enlightening but also emotional. Judith also really provides aftercare and you can always contact her. I no longer had a panic attack and can now, for example, go shopping on my bike again. A huge victory for me! If you are motivated I am sure that you will also have a wonderful and successful journey!"
“Judith helped me to put things into perspective in a very pleasant and safe environment. It's special to be able to face a theme in your life in such a short time."
“I felt very comfortable with Judith. She guided me very pleasantly through the session. Listening to the audio is 'my moment of the day'. Afterwards I feel completely relaxed and refreshed.”
“I recently made an appointment with Judith. I was very curious whether a hypnotherapist could help me. I was a bit nervous, but it felt really good from the start! Judith is very empathetic and immediately puts you at ease. The result was a gift for me. I gained much more insight into my limiting beliefs."
“Judith's audio, specially made for me, contains exactly what I want to hear! And when I listen to it I feel completely relaxed."

"I didn't really know in advance what to expect from a hypnosis session. Everyone knows it from TV or stories, but I didn't know anyone who had actually experienced it themselves. I followed the Hypnosis Transformation Program with Judith because I suffered from panic attacks for a few years and I wanted to get rid of them. The fact that hypnosis could help with this was new to me, so I wanted to try it.

Judith guided me very well and warmly through the entire process. She has been there for me from the first conversation until now. She is very friendly, understanding and knows what she is doing. She always answers all my questions and is a true professional in everything she does and shares. What I like so much is that she also explains what I could expect and how the underlying science works.

The hypnosis session itself positively surprised me in several respects; How easy it was to fall into hypnosis (thanks to Judith's good guidance), how I came to new insights that I could not have imagined before and how I was able to easily put this into practice in my daily life.

Thanks to the new mindset that I was able to create with Judith's hypnosis, I now no longer suffer from my panic attacks and I can more easily deal with the thoughts that previously hindered me."

“I was quite nervous before presentations, but after my session with Judith and her NEI approach, I noticed a change. Just a week later I was standing in front of a group of 100 people and it went much better than expected. I'm really not a born speaker, but the threshold has been lowered. I cannot explain how NEI works, but the positive effects are there! Judith is a great mentor, and I am very grateful for her and the progress I have made."
“As a coach, Judith is friendly, gentle and decisive. It is easy to surrender to her and be open to where this special journey takes you. I can highly recommend a session with Judith!"

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