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Transformation Program 

Become aware of what happens subconsciously

Hypnosis for a stronger, inner foundation 

You've already had coaching, you may have been in therapy. But the results were not powerful, not transformative enough. It has nothing to do with your previous coaches. It certainly has nothing to do with you.


It has everything to do with the fact that you looked outside of yourself. But...what if I say the very best coach is already within you. The very best coach is your own subconscious. Because it knows why you do what you do, think what you think and feel what you feel.


I can help you to use your subconscious to release old stories and break through your own patterns .In hypnosis, your subconscious is also very open to change and positive suggestions, making it easy to implement new beliefs. Beliefs that will take you where you want to be.

I am trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy: an award winning therapy based on neuroscience. RTT can work quickly and effectively through the unique combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP and cognitive behavioral therapy.


No separate sessions

An RTT process always consists of an intake, a hypnosis session, 30 days of self-hypnosis audio and two coach calls. This process takes 6 weeks. This is also the reason why I do not offer individual sessions. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Hi, I'm Judith

Hi, I'm Judith. It is my personal mission to help as many people as possible to build a strong and safe inner foundation. Because that is what I wish for you.


As a coach I work with the subconscious. I still find it fascinating that we try to solve everything with our conscious brain, while 95% of our actions come from our subconscious brain. The subconscious is a very important place, because it is where our unprocessed emotions, patterns and limiting beliefs are stored. I would like to help you to release old stories and break through your own patterns.

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Why RTT Hypnotherapy? 

I'll answer this question in 43 Dutch

“As a coach, Judith is friendly, gentle and decisive. It is easy to surrender to her and be surprised where this special journey takes you. I can highly recommend a session with Judith!"

I can help you if...

  • you feel that there is more to life;

  • it is finally time to choose yourself;

  • you no longer want to put your dreams on hold;

  • you want to choose flow and effortlessness instead of stress;

  • you want to be able to rely completely on yourself;

  • you want to let your business flow;

  • you want to live or do business more freely and lighter without limiting beliefs;

  • you want to choose trust.

Work with me

Free online

get to know me call

  • Online call via zoom

  • 30 minutes

  • During the call you can ask all your questions and we will see together whether we are a match for each other!

  • You are not committed to anything at all

6 weeks Transformation Program

  • 1x online kick-off (60 minutes)

  • 1x Rapid Transformational Hypnosis Session (120 minutes)

  • 1x personal transformation audio

  • 2x check-in calls (45 minutes)

  • 6 weeks possibility to ask questions by whats app

3 months Transformation


  • 2x online kick-off (60 minutes)

  • 2x Rapid Transformational Hypnosis session (120 minutes per session)

  • 2x personal transformation audio

  • 4x check-in calls (45 minutes)

  • 3 months possibility to ask questions by whats app

"I came to Judith through a referral from my physio. At first I was a little afraid of what exactly it would entail, but she managed to remove all fears during the intake and I immediately made an appointment with her.

The hypnosis was very relaxing and in a casual way she knows how to keep you relaxed and focused. It has helped me beyond expectations and I am very happy that I dared to take the step.

I would recommend anyone who has doubts to schedule an intake and experience for themselves what a skilled, loving and wonderful woman Judith is."

That is how it works

1. Get to know me call (online)

During a free online get to know me call, we first discuss whether we are a match. Do you feel good about being helped by me? It is also a good time for me to determine whether you have come to the right place, or whether you would be better served by someone else.

2. Kick-off call (online)

The journey has begun! During the kick-off call we discuss what thoughts and feelings you want to let go of and what solution you are looking for. I ask you in advance to fill out a form. We will discuss this during the call.

3. Hypnosis session (live or online)

During the hypnosis session I put you in a very relaxed state. So relaxed that your consciousness makes room for your subconscious. During a transformative session we explore how, where and when the beliefs, feelings and behaviors that are not helpful to you were formed. You tell us, I will only provide the perfect conditions and guide you through the entire process.

And of course we let go of these beliefs, feelings or behavior and ensure that much more powerful, positive beliefs and thoughts are implemented in your brain.

4. You get a personalized audio that you listen to for 30 days

The hypnosis session helps you to let go of certain thoughts, feelings or behavior. The audio ensures that it never comes back. It's a treat to listen to audio every day that is completely tailored to your subconscious. The audio is always positive, relaxing and implements new thoughts in your brain.

5. We schedule two check-in calls (online)

I will guide you for another 30 days after the hypnosis session. During these calls, you can ask all your questions and we can dive deeper into certain subjects. You also have the option to ask questions via WhatsApp during this period.

Why choose RTT Hypnotherapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a groundbreaking and modern therapy based on neuroscience. Core beliefs, habits and emotions are changed deep in the subconscious. The therapy offers fast and effective results through the unique combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP and cognitive behavioral therapy. 


By shifting the neural pathways of your brain, RTT Hypnotherapy replaces old beliefs and negative behavior patterns. Then new beliefs can be created so that a beautiful transformation can take place. 


RTT Hypnotherapy can bring change and relief on a physical, emotional and psychological level. 

About: personal development, mindset, hypnotherapy, your subconscious, spirituality and everything that makes life lighter and more fun.


It is my mission to discuss topics that are still too vague or spiritual for many people in a down-to-earth way.

Listen to my podcast

This is what doesn't happen to you in hypnosis 

  • You don't lose control.

  • You don't fall asleep, you just feel very relaxed.

  • You don't say things you don't want to say

  • You don't forget what happened in hypnosis. In fact, you remember everything. 

  • You don't have to wait for the therapist to bring you out of hypnosis, you can do this by yourself. 


Free online introduction call?

Do you want to know more? Book a free introduction call! 

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“Judith's hypnosis session helped me to come to terms with a theme in my life and, as a bonus, resolved a chronic abdominal pain complaint. It's special to see that this can be done in such a short time!"
  • What does hypnosis feel like?
    When you are in hypnosis, you are in a very relaxed state. You don't loose control, you're just very relaxed. You are also in a mild state of hypnosis when you are driving on a road you know very well (for example when you drive from work to your home). Or when you daydream.
  • Can you let me do anything you want?
    I certainly can't make you do anything you don't want to do. In fact, I can't force you to do anything at all. You are completely in control. You can let me know if you disagree or if you don't want to talk about something.
  • Do I fall asleep during hypnosis?
    You do not fall asleep during a hypnosis session. You do feel very relaxed, but because we are talking to each other, you certainly do not fall asleep. After the session you will receive a tailor-made audio that you must listen to twice a day for 30 days. You can fall asleep while listening to the audio, but that's ok. Your subconscious still listens.
  • Can I come out of hypnosis by myself?
    Yes, you can! You can open your eyes and then you are out of hypnosis.
  • Can anything go 'wrong' during hypnotherapy?
    Nothing can go wrong in hypnosis. Mainly because it is a relaxed and natural state of being. It's also good to know that even though we're going back to scenes from your childhood that can be painful, you don't feel like you're in the middle of it all again. You look at it from a distance as if you are standing in front of a window and see something happening inside. Furthermore, we mainly work with a lot of positive suggestions and that will of course only do you good. We don't go into hypnosis to point fingers and analyze endlessly.
  • I think I already know the reason of my problem. Does hypnotherapy work?
    Certainly! You can never be totally sure you know the exact cause of your problem because you can have a blind spot. In hypnosis, the subconscious mind will tell it all. And more importantly: in hypnosis you can let it go and create new, positive beliefs that do serve you.
  • Do you always go back to a scene you can't remember?
    Sometimes you go back to a scene you didn't consciously remember and sometimes it's a memory you consciously remember very well. In hypnosis you can process this memory in a completely different and good way. So both options are totally fine.
  • What can I expect from a hypnosis session?
    During a Rapid Transformational Hypnosis session, the hypnotherapist will make you feel very relaxed so that your conscious mind moves aside for a while and makes room for your unconscious mind. This helps you remember past events. Together you look at the meaning and interpretation of these memories and beliefs with an adult point of view. After this, the hypnotherapist helps you to create new, positive beliefs.
  • What if I go back to scenes that are painful?
    During Rapid Transformational Therapy, you don't relive memories. It will feel like you are watching from a distance. The hypnotherapist will also remind you that the memory already happened and that it is safe to review the memory. It is also good to know that events themselves do not affect us, it is the meaning we give to the event that affects us. And that is exactly what we work on during Rapid Transformational Therapy.
  • How is RTT hypnotherapy different from traditional hypnotherapy?
    RTT hypnotherapy differs from standard hypnotherapy, because we go to the root problem first. When you understand how and when a negative belief is formed, change can happen more quickly.
  • How many session do I need?
    That depends on the issue we are working on. Often 1 program is enough, but sometimes if the problem is more deeply rooted, 2 or 3 programs may be needed. It is also possible that we encounter another related issue during the first session. Then it is certainly good to work on this issue in another hypnosis session.
  • What is zoomnosis and is it equally effective?
    Zoomnosis is an online hypnosis session via Zoom. Some clients love having a hypnosis session in their own home because it feels safe and there is no travel time. An online hypnosis session works just as well as a live hypnosis session. Everything is exactly the same.
  • Why do I work with Rapid Transformational Therapy?
    I work with Rapid Transformational Therapy because I don't know any therapy that works so quickly, powerfully and effectively. I can imagine that you don't always feel like talking about your 'problem' for months, but just want to do something about it quickly. I like to facilitate that. What I find beautiful and special about RTT is that the client does the work. I only ask questions, I don't fill in anything and I only facilitate. Moreover, during an RTT session, there is no pointing the finger at someone who has done something wrong in the past (for example, a parent). We assume that everyone always does the best they can at that moment. We accept this, let it go and clean it up. And last but not least: Rapid Transformation Therapy has won many international awards.
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